Wrecker Service Louisville KYLet’s be honest, when your car breaks down in the middle of the road, chances are you’re going to call the first wrecker service you can find on your smartphone.

In the wake of an emergency crisis, you don’t have time to read reviews, research a company, or call the Better Business Bureau. That’s why we recommend researching a wrecker service ahead of time and keep the phone number in your phone for when you need it more.

When you’re in trouble on the road, you need professional help and you need it fast. Be proactive about your safety and consider these top tips to choose the best wrecker service in your area.

Do your research before you head out on the road so that you are ready to handle whatever your day brings.

What is their specialty?

Some companies may boast low prices, others may provide 24-hour service at no extra cost or emphasize personal care. Whatever they provide, make sure it aligns with whatever is most important to you.

Call ahead of time

Don’t wait until you’re stuck on the side of the road to call your wrecker service. Give them a call and ask them about their abilities, technicians and equipment. Get a feel for their customer service, their confidence, and professionalism.

Read reviews

This is a no-brainer in today’s world. Reviews are the driving force behind some of the most successful (or failing) businesses. Read both the good and the bad to get a well-rounded picture of the company history.

Are they a dispatch or a service company?

Some wrecker services are actually only a dispatch service that sends out various third-party contractors. Look for a wrecker service that actually provides the service from their own staff with their own equipment. This gives you the confidence in knowing exactly who is coming to your aid.

What can they handle? (And what can they not?)

If you own a car, truck, and a motorcycle, you want one wrecker company that can handle them all. Not all towing services have the capabilities to tow small motorcycles or large trucks. Be sure they have the equipment necessary to help you in any situation. Do they offer more than just towing services? What about other roadside issues or add-on services?

What is their service area?

Can they help you even if you are a little off the beaten path? The last thing you want is to be stuck in an area you’re not familiar with and having to find a wrecker service that you don’t know. Find someone who can help you wherever you are.

Payment options

Be clear about the payment methods the wrecker service accepts. Some companies may accept only cash, or some may be willing to bill you after the event. Understand their payment policy to be sure they are suited to your needs.

When to call a wrecker service

If you ever find yourself broke down and your vehicle is not driveable, it’s time to call a wrecker service for help. Having done your research ahead of time, you know exactly who to call.

Keep our number in your speed dial and we will be there when you need us most.

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